The technology you need for the safe school they deserve

Bridg-it School is the only comprehensive anti-bullying solution that addresses the full lifecycle of each incident: reporting – reviewing – resolution, with a curated resource center for best practices in restorative techniques.

Speaking up, made easy.

Students, faculty and parents can instantly and confidentially alert school administrators of problematic behavior via any web-enabled device. This allows problems to be spotted sooner, so help can reach the right people faster.

Measuring school climate.

Managing incidents has never been easier. Or faster. Review, respond, and track progress all in one place. No more digging through spiral notebooks to find out what's been done to help a student in distress. Real-time analytics let you see the big picture.

Communication is key.

Notify parents, staff, security - even law enforcement - with a few clicks. Involved parties can get alerts instantly, allowing them to take action and responsibility. We keep sensitive student information secure and safe.

We need to do more than get students speaking up about harassment, bullying and abuse. Schools need tools to track and analyze problems. Everyone needs resources that build solutions and prevent permanent damage.  
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The Idea

Our plan is simple – bring together these needs into a comprehensive technology system that empowers all parties to take an active role in building positive school climates.

The Goal

Leverage the power of technology with the best in resolution resources, while creating a standard in school safety that bridges the communication gap between youth and adults

BE HEARD. Capture and submit info about problems in your school with just a few clicks. From details to images & videos, we'll get the ifno where it needs to go. BRIDG-IT
KEEP UP. From task management to smart alerts, we make it easy tos tay on top of student needs. Everything you need to respond to probelsm is at your fingertips | Bridg-iT
UNDERSTAND. Real-time analytics let you spot problems, track trends and understand what's really going on. No need to guess what your students are experiencing. With Bridg-iT, they tell you directly. 
REBUILD. We curate the best in conflict resolution and leadership training into our digital resource library. You'll find the tools and help you need, ready when you need it. Building a stronger community is within everyone’s reach.  

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