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Bridg-it Founder Jeff Ervine on WABC-TV New York


NEW YORK – September 12, 2015 – Bridg-it Founder Jeff Ervine appeared on WABC-TV New York (channel 7) to discuss the story of how he came to create Bridg-it and his vision for safer school communities free from bullying and cyberbullying. Interviewed by Michelle Charlesworth and Rob Neslon, Ervine was joined by Dominick D’Angelo, Principal of IS 228 David A. Boody Junior High School in Brooklyn, NY. Principal D’Angelo was the first school to launch the unique and innovative Bridg-it School platform. He discussed the success his school has had with the platform, how it has given his students and parents a voice and school staff valuable resources in preventing and addressing negative behavior in school, which often originates online.

“Our students, parents and teachers love it. We have a lot of students using the application, they feel comfortable reporting, they feel safe,” Principal D’Angelo said. But identifying students who are in trouble is just the first step. Training students, educators and parents on how to effectively deal with negative behavior, and giving them the concrete tools with which to do so, is the goal.

“It’s all about creating transparency, and in order to do that you have to empower the whole community,” Ervine explained. “The leading researchers who are behind what we’re doing say the only way to change any community is to align everyone – parent, teacher and student – and we’re using technology to do that.”

Bridg-it School was created by an experienced team and is based on research and the valuable input of dozens of students, educators, administrators and parents. The result was the realization that the solution to improving school climate in a sustainable way relies on involving the whole school community, social-emotional learning and restorative techniques – it needs to be a comprehensive, multi-faceted solution.

Bridg-it School is expanding rapidly in its quest to improve school climate and reduce bullying and cyberbullying. Through its Report, Review, Resolve method and its robust Resource Center, Bridg-it School is making a great impact on school communities and allowing for immediate positive change. For more information on Bridg-it visit

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