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Bridg-it School

The Technology They Need for the Safe
School They Deserve

Bridg-it School addresses the full lifecycle of an incident, from
reporting through resolution.

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Bridg-it School Goes Beyond Reporting
to Build Positive Communities

Bridg-it School has developed a comprehensive Report, Review,
and Resolve process to address community conflict. The result is
more positive communications and safer communities.

1. Report.

Quick and easy reporting
in less than one minute
from anywhere at anytime.

2. Review.

Keep track of reports and identify trends.
Ensure compliance and confidentiality
at the local and state level in a
matter of minutes.

3. Resolve.

Bridg-it’s Resource Center uses
results-based, restorative
techniques to help resolve conflicts
and change behavior.

A 360° Solution

The Bridg-it School solution has a unique set of features and functionality that arms students, parents,
faculty and administrators with the tools needed to build more positive learning communities.

Supporting Restorative Resolutions

The Bridg-it School Resource Center contains hundreds of expert-curated resources that promote restorative approaches that positively impact student behavior.

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Commitment to Compliance

Bridg-it School is compliant with the current federal and state statutes, regulations and best practices regarding digital data storage and communication. The solution also allows schools to easily satisfy compliance requirements for state bullying reporting.

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Giving Students and Parents a Voice

Bridg-it school allows students, parents and staff to report incidents instantly and discreetly from any web-enabled device. It offers students a safe way to support classmates without having to step into a conflict. The result is better communication, more awareness, and a safer community. There is now a safe and clear protocol for helping those in need.

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Delivering Actionable Insight

Bridg-it School offers sophisticated analytics that provide insight into the school climate, arming administrators and faculty with data to measure the impact of their anti-bullying initiatives and analyze trends within the community. Additionally, the data gives administrators the ability to minimize the impact of threatening situations and address harmful behaviors before they become widespread throughout the school.

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Bridg-it Higher Ed

A Safer Campus Awaits

The Bridg-it Higher Ed solution provides the foundation for more positive campus communities. By addressing bullying and harassment both on and offline with a complete solution that goes beyond reporting and facilitates positive resolution, colleges and universities that use Bridg-it Higher Ed can be confident that they are taking a proactive step toward building for a safer, more positive campus community.