Make Your Whole School Community Safer

With our multilingual, K-12 safety solution that aligns students, teachers, parents and school leaders

A New Approach to School Safety and Student Wellness

Bridg-it is a fully compliant safety solution that addresses and prevents bullying and harassment using the power of today’s technology.

The Bridg-it Platform

  • Confidential Reporting
    Safely support students in need and streamline incident tracking and management.
  • Restorative Resources
    Thousands of curated resources including restorative activities, hotlines, videos, and lesson plans for students, teachers, and parents at their fingertips.
  • Private Social Network
    Your school's own social network platform to connect and engage students, teachers, and parents in positive digital communication and support through a News Feed, Messenger, Shout Outs and Personal Wins.

Schools with Bridg-it See Measurable Academic and Social Improvement

When students feel safe and secure, they maximize their learning potential academically, socially and emotionally.

Map your School's Climate of Safety

Bridg-it’s safe data gathering capabilities gives school administrators the tools to identify students in need and map behavioral trends all in real time.

Today's School Climate

School safety and student wellness issues have become more difficult to tackle than ever before. Bullying and cyberbullying, school shootings, depression and suicide rates are on the rise and early detection of such at-risk behaviors is a major challenge for many schools. As a result, schools’ resources are being squeezed and education is suffering.

Bridg-it addresses behavioral incidents and student tragedies, so students can succeed in school and in life.


Schedule Free Demo

To see if your school district is participating in Bridg-it or to request a referral, please contact our team at INFO@BRIDGIT.COM. If your school is not signed up, reach out to your school's Superintendent, School Safety Officer, or Principal and request Bridg-it be launched in your school.