What If
What if students using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok could only publish positive, affirming messages, pictures and videos?
  • How much healthier would students be?
  • How much more learning would happen in school?
  • How much better off would the world be?
What Is It
Bridg-it represents the next generation of social networks; it offers school leaders a private, positive only social network.

Bridg-it has created an integrated set of social and emotional tools to practice positive digital communication and build more healthy student relationships.

Bridg-it improves student social health and wellness. It is designed to prevent student social pain and disconnectedness by leveraging the incredible power of positive psychology and kindness.

Reality Today

We cannot go back to the way things were before Social Media, however we can make the way things are today… better.

- Jeff Ervine, Founder & CEO

How Does Bridg-it Work?

Students and teachers connect using only positive affirmations to create a closer, more supportive, and cohesive school culture.

 Bridg-it leverages the most powerful communication technology students have mastered (their smart phones) 

  • Familiarity of device
  • Simplicity of interface (UI/UX)
  • Ease of program start up
  • Inclusivity across all students and faculty with the ability to add parents

Enhancing School Cultural starts by improving student connectedness; the building blocks of which are positive recognition, gratitude and kindness.

Enhancing School Cultural starts by improving student connectedness; the building blocks of which are positive recognition, gratitude and kindness.

Today’s students communicate using the smart phone and social media. Unfortunately both these technologies do not teach students to communicate in a safe and positive manner. In today’s hyper-connected, fully transparent world, social media too often is the source of student fear and pain. When students do not feel safe at school, their ability to trust and maintain healthy relationships (friendships) is diminished, they become isolated and disconnected from their school community.

Bridg-it gives school leaders and students a single platform designed to accelerate positive cultural development and student connectedness in their schools.

Establishing Positive School Culture

Establishing Positive School Culture

Create school cultures comprised of gratitude, support, connectedness and safety.

Inspire and motivate students and teachers to regularly promote and generate positive recognition of peers and their accomplishments. CREATE WAVES OF STUDENT-DRIVEN POSITIVE SOCIAL CONNECTIONS.

Principal Testimonial

Harnessing the power of student kindness in schools.

Student Testimonial

Feeling good by recognizing those around them (shout outs).

Why is Bridg-it effective?

When applied to a student’s Developmental Progression, Bridg-it can help provide essential aspects of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Safety, Belonging, Connectedness and Esteem) to enhance the ascension of success described by Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Put simply, when students feel safe and accepted they learn and retain more.