• 1. Who owns the data?

    There really is no data to own. The student retains rights to any personal information contained in an individual report.  Schools or Bridgit can aggregate raw information to create reports or summaries and might have limited rights in that particular selection and arrangement of data.

  • 2. Can the school opt to own its own Bridgit data?

    Individual public schools generally do not own intellectual property rights: such rights would be owned by the municipal division that runs that school.  In either event, that municipality could own a unique report that they create using underlying data of Bridgit reports filed in their area, subject to Freedom of Information laws of that State.

  • 3. Where is the data hosted?

    See our privacy and data security memorandum.

  • 4. Can a school host its own Bridgit data?

    No. The functionality of the Bridgit system requires a higher level of security and confidentiality that schools are not generally able to achieve.  Additionally, our liability insurance policies do not cover independent clients hosting our platform.