• 1. What happens to the evidence that I attach to my report?

    It is reviewed by the school’s Bridgit officer and cannot be further transmitted or distributed.

  • 2. If I upload an explicit image as evidence, am I protected from the legal issues of distributing sensitive (i.e. sexual) content?

    Yes. The law will not punish a person who reports sexually explicit material for the purpose of filing a complaint in good faith.

  • 3. What happens if a Moderator or Principal shares the identity of the person who filed a report with other students or parents?

    Depending on the facts and circumstances, they may face legal consequences for disclosing the reporter's identity.

  • 4. Is Bridgit's technology patented?

    Yes. Our technology is covered under by US patent #9,729,590 B2.


    "A method related to addressing possible damage caused by inappropriate internet conduct, including writings, pictures, videos, or any other web-delivered content, and/or inappropriate behavior and/or conduct, is provided. The method includes providing a reporting interface enabling a reporting user to generate a complaint report regarding an unfavorable item published by one or more third parties. The method further includes receiving the complaint report and alerting the administrator regarding the complaint report. Additionally, the method includes providing an administrator interface enabling the administrator to view the complaint report, submit the complaint report to an authority, and assign a complaint report status to the complaint report. A resource center is provided for administrators and users and includes content curated for the recipient."