Jeffrey Ervine

Founder & CEO

Why Jeff Ervine created Bridg-it

Jeff was the target of an extremely severe type of online defamation that was an act of revenge by a criminal who Jeff helped convict.  For years, he was forced to live with the impact of severe identity threat, that destroyed his professional career, negatively affected his social life, and the lives of those closest to him.  While solving his defamation problem he developed a unique understanding of the power of today’s social technology to do permanent, life changing harm.  Through his experience he came to realize that the only effective way to address online bullying and harassment in schools (or in any community) is by identifying potential problems early before they morph into real incidents of bullying, harassment or abuse.  Jeff and his team of experts (in technology, law and restorative practices) have created the first set of data-driven mobile tools to empower community members to create and enforce the boundaries necessary to create cultures of safety and wellness in schools.


How to leverage technology to create a school culture of safety
To create a culture of safety and prevention in today’s K12 schools, requires real-time, community-sourced behavioral data and analytics. This level of prevention can only be achieved by creating a school’s own "Social Safety Network", complete with restorative resources designed to reconnect, socially and emotionally disconnnected students.  Bridg-it's platform technology was created to achieve this level of safety and prevention.


The first turnkey end-to-end solution for student safety and wellness
Bridg-it has created the most comprehensive, sustainable, turnkey bullying and harassment safety solution ever conceived.  Bridg-it's approach is research based and aligns the interests of parents, students and educators. Bridg-it School should be a part of any school's safety plan. Bridg-it can be implemented in any community, as soon as tomorrow.

A global, growing problem and too many tragic endings
Bridg-it’s team of academics, educators, students, parents, social workers, legal experts and software engineers has created a digital platform to reduce and prevent student tragedies. To give you an idea of the scale of the current behavioral and safety problems in our schools today, we need to put it in context, this is what we are dealing with in the United States:

  • Millions of daily student cyberbullying/bullying attacks
  • Hundreds of thousands of self-inflicted student wounds that are recorded in emergency rooms each year
  • Over 600,000 students attempt suicide each year and end up in emergency rooms
  • Thousands of student suicides occur each year, and too many school shootings occur every year


Community-sourcing safety and wellness
Bridg-it's team truly believes that community sourcing behavioral data in a safe, thoughtful way to both identify and educate will reduce the risk of tragedy, in any community.  Everyone and every student has to watch each other’s back. If we know who is troubled or in trouble, we can begin to engage and apply the right restorative solution to solve the problem.  Studies show that more than 80% of all instances of bullying and harassment are witnessed by one or more bystanders.  Studies also show that the risk of being an “Upstander”(someone willing to notify a person in authority when a student is being bullied or harassed) is considered to be high risk, and that is why very few bystanders say something when someone is in trouble. Bridg-it’s platform reduces the communication risk for both the target and the bystander, and provides a safe, secure and documented channel of communication for all members of a school community.