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Fox Business: Flighting Bullying with Tech

Bridg-it CEO Jeff Ervine on how the company's app help's combat bullying and it's Enough app allows users to document incidents of sexual misconduct.

Bridg-it: A New Approach to Halt Bullying

Dr. Michael Gillespie, Chief Academic Officer of Bridg-iT, sheds light on the necessity of the technology and its purpose.

The Group that First Raised Sexual Harassment Issues in Sacramento now has an App to Report Misconduct

We Said Enough, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating discrimination, sexual harassment, and assault in the work place, are launching an app based off of Bridg-iT.

Bridg-it App Uses Technology to Prevent Bullying

ABC 7 writes about Bridg-iT, describing its local roots and explaining the significance of the technology.

There's Now an App to Fight Bullying

Jeff Ervine, founder and president of Bridg-iT, and Dominic D'Angelo, principle of I.S. 228 David A. Boody Junior High School in Brooklyn discuss the launch of Bridg-iT.

Bensonhurst School Uses Smartphones to Combat Bullies

David Boody I.S. 228 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn is among the first few schools to implement the use of Bridg-iT.

Bridg-it Launches Comprehensive Anti-Bullying Solution for K-12 Schools

Tech & Learning shares the news of the launch of Bridg-iT School.

New Online K-12 Anti-Bullying Solution Focuses on Reporting Data

eSchool News, a Daily Tech News website, discusses the importance of the launch of Bridg-iT School.

Bridg-it Seeks to Streamline School Safety with Anti-Bullying Solution

Education Dive provides a brief of Bridg-iT and some insight into how bullying must not be ignored.

A Brooklyn Middle School has Unveiled an App that Allows Bullying Incidents to be Reported Confidentially

Brooklyn Middle School, David A. Boody I.S. 228, furthers its war on bullying with the new app, Bridg-iT.