Real-time Behavioral Analytics

  • Bullying, fighting, at-risk-behaviors and sexual harassment
  • Crowd-sourced data is reviewed, validated and displayed
  • Relational data in real-time
  • Early identification of individuals at risk
  • Identify dangerous trends
  • Socially and emotionally guide your community with fidelity using data

Delivering Actionable Insight

Bridg-it offers sophisticated analytics that provide insight into a school's climate, arming administrators and faculty with data to measure the impact of their anti-bullying initiatives and analyze trends within the community. Additionally, the data gives administrators the ability to minimize the impact of threatening situations and address harmful behaviors before they become widespread throughout the school.

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Our data and data science capability is better than anything to date in the school safety and restorative justice space. It enables a school's management team to gain a whole new level of understanding as it relates to issues of bullying, harassment and the mental wellness of its community.

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