A 24/7 Safety Net for students who are suffering - Providing hope and saving lives.

Consisting of thousands of curated resources to provide meaningful ways to connect and meet student social and emotional needs.

Each piece of content is meta tagged with up to 20 specific identifiers allowing algorithms to create artificial intellegence ( a «smart» resource center).

Bridg-it’s offers an amazing curated library of engaging restorative resources and activities. Its library has been made "smart" and uses push algorithms to zero in on, and recommend applicable restorative solutions to student social and emotion problems.

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Smart Resource Center - «AI» Driven to save time and make better choices

Bridg-its Resource Center provides a variety of fun and interesting proprietary and curated activities to foster engagement

Supporting restorative resolutions

The Bridgit School Resource Center contains hundreds of expert-curated resources theat promote restorative approaches that positively impact student behavior. Addressing and scripting even the most challenging of conversation to have with students, such as
Teacher Brings HISTORY to LIFE for a Lesson About Diversity | Field Tripped
Media’s Representation of Beauty Reflection
Gender Identity
Hey Doc, Some Boys Are Born Girls: Decker Moss
news articles
Balancing Islam and Middle School in Queens
Love Has No Labels - Behind the Scenes
National Origin
lesson plan
Learning about Nationality Activity
Slumdog Millionaire

Created with Students and Teachers for students and teachers

Hundreds of Social and Emotional Lesson Plans & Restorative Activities translated into Spanish
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