Bridg-it 2020 Quarterly Newsletter Volume 1

Bridg-it 2020 Quarterly Newsletter Volume 1
Mar 09, 2020

Bridg-it Newsletter: Default to Positive Issue

Volume 1, 2020

Thanksgiving Drawing Contest Winner

In November, Bridg-it sponsored its first drawing contest designed to motivate and inspire students to create a visual representation of why Thanksgiving is important to them and their families. All the artworks were photographed and put on the school’s NewsFeed to share with the entire school community, where other students and teachers could easily see and recognize (like) those who participated. The winning entry received a set of Beats headphones and recognition from the entire school community. At Orange Brook Elementary School over 100 entries were submitted and our winner was a fifth grader named Santiago.

Bridg-it School of the Quarter

I.S. 27 Anning S. Prall Middle School, Staten Island, New York

New York City School District, NY Nine weeks ago I.S. 27 launched Bridg-it. Under the guidance of Principal Matthew Barone and his leadership team they kicked off Bridg-it, with great success generating over 14,000 positive student affirmations.

Student GIF creation for Bridg-it

Students at I.S.27 kicked off a weekly positive GIF creation contest. Bridg-it and student leaders will determine the creators of the best GiF(s) and give them an award to recognize their efforts. The GIFs will become a permanent part of the Bridg-it Platform for use by students at IS27 and students and schools around the country.

Students at I.S. 27 and I.S. 228 used Bridg-it’s Positive GIF lesson plan to create appropriate GIFs for Bridg-it. They were tasked with creating GIFs for use on Bridg-it that were positive and reaffirmed underlying values that are important to them.

Bridg-it's New Features

Bridg-it LiveStream Kindness Map. On December 8th, at the California School Board Association Conference, Bridg-it launched its Kindness Map and Leader Board to display the top 10 Schools practicing the most student kindness and showing by state the amount of student given Shout Outs and Wins over any time period chosen.

Most Amazing Student Connectedness Idea of the Month

The Bridg-it Shout Out “Bomb”. Student leaders at Ione Community Charter School in Oregon have completely taken control of their school’s Bridg-it platform. They have created their own contests and rewards using the Bridg-it platform as their canvas. In November, after taking the lead on student positivity, engagement and connectedness, the students themselves created a goal of 25,000 shout outs by Thanksgiving. They posted over 20,000 Shout Outs and the school rewarded the student body with a teacher served pizza party. Congratulations to the students and school leadership for the wonderful support and guidance of the student's contest of kindness and thanks just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

The students even created the first ever Bridg-it shout out “bomb.” What is a shout out bomb you ask? The Ione students execute a Shout Out Bomb by selecting a particular student or preferably a teacher (i.e. Mr. Bundy), they then get on the school’s PA system and tell the entire student body to stop what they are doing and for the next 5 minutes to send Mr. Bundy as many Shout Outs as possible. Mr. Bundy, in that moment, is bombarded with thousands of shout outs. On our last webex they performed a live demonstration of a Bridg-it Shout Out Bomb. AWESOME!

Ione Community Charter School Live Stream screen showing Shout Outs by grade

Inspirational Quote of the Month

"It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men"
- Frederick Douglass

Bridg-it Restorative Practice Featured Resource

Bridg-it Playbook on Communication Skills

Bridg-it Playbooks are the micro-lesson plans in the areas of social and emotional learning (SEL) and student safety. The below Bridg-it playbook is a resource for teachers and administrators on improving interpersonal communication between and among students. Bridg-it has designed this playbook to provide users with set of proven SEL lessons at their fingertips. These activities will help your students improve their communication and relationship building skills.