How Bridg-It Digital Platform Makes Students Feel Socially and Emotionally Safe

How Bridg-It Digital Platform Makes Students Feel Socially and Emotionally Safe
Jun 01, 2020

Students of all ages around the world deal with bullying. Whether they witness it, are bullied themselves, or are bullying others, unfortunately every student has a run-in with bullying in one way or another.

Bullying distracts students from the true goal of education - learning. When students feel emotional pain, they have trouble focusing on what’s going on in the classroom.

Not only do their grades suffer, but their relationships with other students, teachers, and school leaders are affected. Thankfully, Bridg-It provides a way for school leaders to help students stay connected while feeling socially and emotionally safe.

Safe Learning Environments Foster Student Success

Creating a safe learning environment must be the first priority of every school leader. Keeping classrooms safe can be difficult if students don’t feel comfortable talking with their teachers about bullying issues. One way to make connecting with school leaders easier for students is to meet them where they’re most comfortable - social media.

In today’s tech savvy world, students spend more of their time connecting with one another through social media instead of face-to-face. Texting and direct messaging has become their conversation. Bridg-It provides students with a way to use social media to socially and emotionally connect with school leaders and teachers.

Bridg-It comes alongside students and opens up an avenue of connection that’s safe and familiar for them. Meanwhile, school leaders get the insight they need to adequately promote and maintain a safe learning environment for students to thrive in.

Safe Learning Environments Create Better Communication & Connectedness

Bridg-It’s platform also helps school leaders improve the safety and security of their classrooms by allowing for open and sustained communication amongst students and teachers alike. Safe, connected learning environments are healthy learning environments where students feel comfortable asking questions, giving feedback, and providing encouragement to each other.

Teachers and school leaders have a big impact on a school’s environment. Bridg-it makes it easy to measure a school leaders’ impact on school culture and climate. Students and teachers can articulate and broadcast their vision, keeping lines of communication open, and the platform tracks all interactions, making it easy for school leaders to identify struggling students and provide extra care.

Research has shown that safe learning environments maximize student success in more areas than one. First, academic learning success is improved when students have a safe learning environment. Safe classrooms (virtual and physical) minimize distractions, allowing students to keep their attention on their studies. Second, when students have a safe learning environment, their social emotional learning (SEL) success improves as well.

By providing a safe environment for learning, Bridg-It keeps students connected with each other and their teachers. Communication in the classroom promotes student success and prosperous learning.

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