Helping Students Safely Practice Positive Digital Communication

Helping Students Safely Practice Positive Digital Communication
May 19, 2020

Bridg-It social media software was specifically designed to help K-12 students learn how to communicate safely and develop positive social skills online.

At the beginning of our lives, our communication was based around just ONE thing - having our needs met. As we grow, we learn to use communication for other things, like relationships, entertainment, and education. Children learn to socialize by modeling the behaviors of those around them.

Everything from greeting someone to taking turns when speaking is learned behavior, including how they behave online.

Research shows that on average, 40% to 95% of human behavior is based on habit (Charles Duhigg). Not all children have positive examples of how to properly communicate and interact online to model.

In these cases, learning positive online communication skills is more challenging, and the responsibility of teaching positive digital communication to students falls on schools.

A safer, simple, more effective way of teaching students these skills is needed - and teaching students positive digital communication is only half of it. Students also need an opportunity to regularly practice these healthy digital communication skills safely.

Comparative Communication

One of the main downfalls of social media communication is that it tends to use comparison as a trigger, which can often be harmful at both a social and emotional level.

It’s easy for students to compare themselves with what they see online and feel like they don’t measure up or have it as good as their peers or influencers. This causes feelings of regret and shame, which can lead to low self-esteem, and a more negative self-image.

After seeing others’ posts, students in turn may post untrue or exaggerated statements and pictures online in an attempt to increase their social status and “improve” their online identity. It is a vicious cycle of posting in order to “keep up with the digital Joneses”.

Sound familiar? If we, as adults, play the comparison game on social media, the students that model our behaviors are going to follow in our example. There’s a better way to help students learn healthy social media communication skills.

Shoutouts and Wins

Students need to be taught positive online behavior. Bridg-It provides students with the opportunity to learn positive digital behavior, then put it into practice daily. Bridg-it’s Shout Outs and Wins feature is the perfect solution for students to learn positive digital behavior.

As students utilize Bridg-It’s Shoutouts and Wins feature, healthy, positive, affirming, and self-affirming positive digital communication is established among students and school leaders.

As students continue to give and receive Shoutouts and Wins, these behaviors become habitual. Positive online communication and interaction become routine and instinctual, resulting in an overall more positive and uplifting online experience for students.

Not only does Bridg-It make it easy for students to engage in positive online communication, but it’s also safe and measurable. Educators and school leaders are able to oversee postings and evaluate student progress.

Creating Positive Patterns of Communication

Through Bridg-It’s Shoutouts and Wins, students will quickly develop positive digital communication habits. For adults and students alike, positive communication is addictive.

Positivity towards others only encourages more positivity. With improved positivity comes improved mental and physical health. Instead of feeding into the vicious cycle of one-upmanship, Bridg-It creates positive patterns and momentum.

Positive communication then replaces negative and divisive online communication. Instilling positive digital communication skills in students teaches them to give positive reinforcement to others who will hopefully reciprocate positivity, completely eliminating negative communication.

Bridg-It’s Shoutouts and Wins teaches and promotes behaviors that are beneficial in this stage of their lives and beyond. The skills these students are learning will benefit them in professional and social situations.

Through mastery of positive online communication skills, students will increase the number of life-long opportunities to engage in healthy relationships.

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