How Educational Software Enhances & Amplifies A School’s Own SEL Ecosystem

How Educational Software Enhances & Amplifies A School’s Own SEL Ecosystem
Jun 15, 2020

A school’s ecosystem affects all aspects of learning and the people involved, including teachers, students and parents. As a teacher or school leader, it is important to be able to measure and maintain your school’s ecosystem. But what exactly is a “school ecosystem”, and why is it so important to keep it maintained?

According to Merriam-Webster, an ecosystem is defined as “a community of living organisms that is in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a system”1. The students, staff and teachers combined with the classroom and other facilities, whether physical or online, make up a school’s ecosystem.

What Affects School Ecosystems?

School ecosystems are primarily made up of teachers and students. Teachers and students are more closely linked through their academic and social and emotional learning interaction. At times, parents can also be included also in the ecosystem.

Living organisms comprise only half of what a complete ecosystem is. Social and academic interaction occurs at school, whether the school is online or a physical building. The school itself and its environment make up the other half.

Ecosystems are controlled by internal and external factors. This means that things going on inside and outside the classroom will affect the school’s ecosystem. Factors affecting a school’s ecosystem can include things like bullying, events occurring in a student or teacher’s life school day, and events happening in a student or teacher’s life at home.

Today’s Changing School Ecosystem

The current learning situation looks much different than it did only six months ago. With remote learning and shelter in place, school ecosystems are having to adapt to a new, hopefully temporary, way of learning.

While the current changes are drastic, school ecosystems have always adapted and changed as time goes on. No one knows what the common school’s ecosystem will look like in only a few years’ time. With an ever-changing ecosystem, school leaders must find ways for their school’s ecosystem to grow and change with it. This is especially important as we look towards this fall and future years. That’s where Bridg-It comes in. Bridg-It Enhances School Ecosystems

Even through all the changes occurring, Bridg-It helps maintain a school’s ecosystem by providing an online format that fosters student success and learning and keeps students, teachers, and parents connected.

The Bridg-It educational app has many tools that provide a way for students, teachers, and parents to interact and connect in positive ways via:

  • Recognition - Gives students a feeling of success and drives them to continue working hard in their learning
  • Self-Praise - Boosts the confidence of students and encourages them to self-reflect positively.
  • Gamification - Makes positive behavior and kindness fun.
  • School Newsfeed - Keeps students and families up-to-date on announcements and school events.
  • Surveys & Assessments - Allow school leaders to gather information from their students so they can serve them better.

Bridg-it school software also provides a Resources Center with 24/7 access for students, teachers, and school leaders that covers dozens of topics that help enhance a school’s SEL ecosystem. Through these resources, students are able to gain and share valuable information with fellow students and teachers.

Bridg-it software is a playbook for teachers to help maintain a positive and encouraging learning environment. Students are encouraged to share fun pictures, memes, GIFs and statements with fellow classmates and teachers, which promotes positive interactions and a healthy ecosystem.

Looking Toward Fall

School leaders are facing choices about how their school will operate this fall - choices they’ve never had to make before. But with Bridg-It, they have more options than ever for maintaining a healthy, positive SEL ecosystem for their students.

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