A Positive, Affirmations-Only, Social Network

A Positive, Affirmations-Only, Social Network
Dec 01, 2019

Designed to build, promote, measure and evaluate (in real-time) student connectedness, healthy student relationships and positive school culture

Imagine what the world would be like if student users of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Snap Chat could post only positive messages that were complimentary and kind to those in their community

  • How many innocent misunderstandings could have been avoided?
  • How much student loneliness, isolation, and pain would students have been able to avoid?
  • How much more connectedness would exist between students and teachers?
  • How many school shootings would have been prevented? Most of them?
  • How much better off would the world be today?

A groundbreaking, disruptive approach to creating an atmosphere of positive behavior in schools

Imagine if each child’s first social network experience was purely positive, non-comparative, and created only positive connections and belonging cues with their peers and teachers. Imagine if teens and their school communities had access to their own tailored private digital community network in which they could customize their library of resources and positive communication tools. Imagine a network in which students were rewarded based on their acts of kindness, support, social belonging and connectedness. What if every day a student recognized and showed appreciation to another student, teacher, or somebody who took interest in them.

Students would then develop patterns of behavior that could significantly increase the capacity and volume of constructive interactions everywhere. This new narrative could then create positive ripple effects and feedback loops in which understanding and kindness become the default digital communication and contemporaneously prevent myriad negative social and emotional narratives. This positive-only network, increases its members’ life-long positivity and social connectedness, increases student happiness, purpose and life-long success. Is this not something every student, parent, teacher and principal could support? Should support? Must support?

Bridg-it was developed to change the narrative.

Bridg-it is all about students learning to default to positive.

What is Bridg-it?

Bridg-it is a private, positive-only social network containing digitized resources and tools designed to align and guide students, teachers and school leadership on how to build positive and safe learning environments. Research-based, the Bridg-it platform represents a new approach to enhancing and sustaining student wellness, connectedness and social and emotional learning (SEL). Measuring behavioral interactions in real time, the multi-faceted platform represents the next generation of safety and wellness tools for school communities. It provides new ways to digitally model, practice, articulate and inspire student positive behavior; the result being a more affirmative social experience and an enriched school culture.

Why do students like Bridg-it?

Bridg-it inspires students to access resources and connect more often with their peers. It makes them and their classmates feel accepted, alleviating their fears related to exclusion. It makes students feel safe, comforted, inspired, recognized and happy.

Why do principals like Bridg-it?

Bridg-it empowers principals to better connect with their students. It also provides school leaders with real-time insight of their school’s climate and culture so they can accentuate the positive and disrupt the negative. It allows them to proactively address one of their biggest management challenges, student behavioral conflicts that either begin or exist on the Internet. Bridg-it provides the tools necessary for principals and staff to be proactive, prescriptive and more effective in achieving social and emotional goals.

Why do parents like Bridg-it?

Bridg-it is designed to increase the physical and psychological safety of their children. Bridg-it’s network confidentially provides helpful, curated digital resources to students in need. Bridg-it protects a parent’s most valuable asset and provides their children with tools to protect themselves and solve their problems. Bridg-it fosters healthy student relationships.

In the past five years, Bridg-it has measurably improved and saved student lives. Bridg-it has demonstrably enhanced school culture and academic success, increasing academic performance, attendance and student participation in school. Bridg-it has made restorative practices easy to access, apply and evaluate. In its longest serving school, incidents of negative behavior have decreased by over 60% on a percentage basis.

What is Bridg-it doing right now?

  • Bridg-it’s distribution team is actively expanding its school user base primarily in New York, Florida and California. By Spring of 2020, Bridg-it will have over 60 schools launched in NYC, more than 20 schools in South Florida and is targeting the addition of a number of school districts in California through its partnership with the California School Board Association.
  • Bridg-it is working with researchers to measure the effects of positivity and kindness on student feelings of connectedness, happiness and academic performance. Bridg-it is also doing research on peer mediation as it relates to online conflicts and is training “student social mediators” to identify and resolve online conflicts early and often.
  • Bridg-it is forming partnerships with celebrities and athletes interested in inspiring students to support each other, send shout outs and perform acts of kindness and support.
  • Finally, Bridg-it is raising growth capital to globally build out its distribution and support networks.

Bridg-it’s platform and tools have incredible potential. Bridg-it is increasing students’ safety and connectedness every day, one positive affirmation at a time.

Coming in 2020: Bridg-it’s Clean Slate Solution and related Wellness Data

Bridg-it’s team has also designed and patented an independent process for permanently removing student generated defamatory content from the Internet. Bridg-it’s future technology will include the creation of an online “defamatory content clearing system” designed for students in K-12. The combination of Clean Slate’s removal tools and related data gathered about student anxiety and depression will be invaluable in the fight to improve the health, mental wellness, education and long-term success of students everywhere.

Jeff Ervine, Founder & CEO, Bridg-it