Positive-Only Social Networks Improve Online Schooling Experience During Crisis

Positive-Only Social Networks Improve Online Schooling Experience During Crisis
Apr 21, 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 global health pandemic, education has had to undergo a massive shift to online learning. This has changed the way parents and students stay connected with educators, administrators, and other students.

As hundreds of millions of students, administrators, and educators make the switch to distance learning / online education, inevitably new questions arise that need to be carefully considered.

•   How do educators stay connected with students without being face to face? 
•   How can educators and administrators ensure students are able to have safe and positive online learning experiences?
•   How can parents continue to take an active role in their child’s education?
•   How do students stay social and emotionally connected to their school community?

Today’s mainstream messaging apps and social media platforms lack the preventive measures necessary to ensure effective student safety and wellness when communicating online.

Students on existing platforms regularly take unnecessary, preventable social and personal identity risks. Even when students don’t have a particular social media account, they can still suffer social and emotional harm.

In order to change the status quo, individuals must demand kinder and safer digital communication apps and platforms. Safe digital platforms designed to keep students socially connected and learning and also provide a positive digital environment for connecting. Bridg-it is the solution.

What is Bridg-it?

Bridg-it is a social networking platform that was created to revolutionize the way students are able to communicate with teachers and peers. This platform provides a positive communication and content delivery network for schools and education systems that empowers students to influence and create safe and positive school cultures.

It’s a completely new approach to helping students feel safe and connected to their school community! Bridg-it contains a multitude of features that allow students to practice positive online interactions while staying engaged in their classes.

Staying socially connected in positive ways is vital to maintaining an emotionally healthy student body. Bridg-it’s goal is to provide Positive Social Networks that help schools build the kind of positive culture that discourages harmful interpersonal behavior and communication.

Why Do We Need Positive-Only Social Networks?

Effective student learning requires more than just intellect. Bridg-it cares for the social and emotional learning experiences of students by fostering positive, encouraging healthy connections.

These connections are now more important than ever as students engage in remote learning. Maintaining effective contact with students is challenging in a remote learning environment but it’s vital to the achievement of a positive learning environment. Bridg-it makes staying connected in a positive, encouraging way, easy.

Keeping parents aligned with their school’s social and emotional education plan is challenging. Bridg-it’s tools make it easy for parents to be included in a student’s social and emotional growth. In order to ensure student’s social and academic success parents must reinforce the school’s culture and values.

Bridg-it also helps keep students engaged in learning while providing a negativity-free zone for students to socialize. This may seem like a challenge, but Bridg-it is designed to automate positive student engagement and at the same time leverage student positivity and kindness. School administrators can now program and positive and uplifting experiences for users.

Preventing student at-risk behaviors of all types is extremely important, especially in a school setting. Bridg-it was built specifically to identify excluded, ostracised and disengaged students. These students represent the least connected students who get the least out of their school environment, the least on an academic, social and emotional level.

How Does Bridg-it Work?

Bridg-it’s innovative features encourage positive interaction among students and teachers and allow the students to learn together while maintaining communication outside the virtual or in-person classroom. It also gives parents the ability to connect with their student’s social and emotional learning experiences. Here are some ways Bridg-it makes a difference:

Positive Social Network

One main staple of Bridg-it is its suite of Positive Social Networking tools. Unlike other social media, Bridg-it is based on fostering positive online interactions and building uplifting school cultures. These social networking tools allow students to communicate with one another in a positive and encouraging way as well as post and share their ideas with the class as a whole.


Bridg-it also has an internal messaging feature for school administrators, allowing the school principal to send school-wide communications that include encouraging messages, articles, video, lessons and other media. These messages can be automated or sent manually at any time, making scheduling school-wide messages easy.

Gamification and Student Engagement

Another feature Bridg-it has is a collection of Gamification and Student Engagement tools. These tools can be used to keep students involved in a fun, interactive way by incorporating contests, challenges, surveys, posters, and more.

Restorative Resources

Bridg-it’s Restorative Resources are supplemental materials and trainings for educators, students and parents. The resources and lessons offer students the skills and provide the resources needed to teach and practice the positive Social and Emotional Learning model we promote. These resources include lesson plans, playbooks, and activities in English and Spanish in Bridg-it’s five core competencies: social awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, mindfulness and relationship skills.

Dashboards and Analytics

The Dashboards and Analytics feature allows educators to monitor student engagement and participation. The customizable dashboards and displays help measure positive participation by class and schoolwide.

At-risk Incident Reporting and Management Bridg-it prioritizes keeping online social and emotional learning a positive, healthy experience. That’s why we’ve included the At-risk Incident Reporting and Management feature.

This feature gives parents and students a voice if issues arise while keeping them from directly entering the internal and external conflicts.

Our At-risk Incident Reporting allows students, staff, and parents to help maintain the health and wellness of students while in school.