The Power of Connection Between Students

The Power of Connection Between Students
Mar 25, 2021

The value in connection and positivity.

As the application of Bridg-it spreads more research will be conducted. The value of Positivity is however supported in both the popular and research literature. Just prior to the pandemic, we have been dealing with an increasing level of suicide in our young. This chart from the CDC shows the trends.

There are two predictive experiences of our young that are correlated highly with being suicidal. Both are addressed in part by the interactions central to Bridg-it.

For example, we know that Shout Outs, including both receiving them, result in an increase in the sense of connection to community and peers. This addresses a crucial element in suicidal thinking and that is “thwarted belongingness.” This fits well within our prevention models.

The other element often found in children or adolescents who commit suicide is a perception of burdensomeness. Being appreciated, having others respond to you with positivity, decreases the sense that you are a burden to others. These thus are the side benefits the Positivity, and in and of themselves they are not a prevention plan but an element in one.

Bridg-it accordingly does not remove the need for school counselors, suicidal prevention awareness, lethality assessment, however, it fundamentally addresses problem interpersonal connections that may lead to harmful behaviors.

Further Bridg-it finds those at risk by tracking whether others or responding positively to that student and also if they have something uplifting to say to others.