3 Ways Bridg-It Aligns Students, Teachers & Parents Around Positive School Culture

3 Ways Bridg-It Aligns Students, Teachers & Parents Around Positive School Culture
May 27, 2020

It takes everyone - students, parents and teachers - to build a strong, positive school culture. Implementing social-emotional learning (SEL) into an already crowded school day is a challenge, and it takes everyone’s involvement to do it successfully. Keeping everyone on the same page is vital, and Bridg-It makes it possible.

Here are three ways Bridg-It helps align students, teachers, and parents around a positive school culture.

Bridg-It’s Shout Outs Make Positivity Easy

Shout Outs are simple yet powerful forms of recognition and praise towards others. Giving and receiving positive reinforcements is a fundamental building block of SEL and social cognition in students. Shout Outs on Bridg-It are designed to be simple and repeatable so students can have an immediate and fun form of self expression.

Students giving praise and recognition to others is important, but so is self appreciation. Wins are simple but powerful forms of self-recognition and self praise. Wins are important, as self-praise is a sign of SEL maturity and developed coping skills.

Bridg-It Is Fully Integrated & Measurable

In order to successfully create a safe, healthy school culture built on long-term values, school leaders need multiple ways to measure school-wide cultural growth. Leaders need tools that allow them to easily track student SEL progress and personal growth. Unfortunately, most schools lack a fully integrated set of tools to structure, implement and measure the impact of SEL.

Thanks to Bridg-It’s revolutionary approach, that changes now. The Bridg-It platform provides the first ever fully-integrated digital platform that allows students, teachers and parents to practice and measure SEL in real-time.

Bridg-It Connects Students With Teachers & Parents

Keeping parents, teachers, and students involved in SEL is very beneficial. These practices result in:

Greater understanding of community values Better reinforcement of positive behaviors More social satisfaction and connectedness Healthier relationships

According to Dorothy Espelage, American psychologist and international expert on school culture, cyberbullying, bullying, youth aggression, and teen dating violence, the most effective way to create healthy school cultures and reduce bullying and harmful student behavior is by “aligning parents and teachers in the character education of their students and children”.

Bridg-It steps up to the challenge, making it easy for parents, students and teachers to stay connected and involved. And when everyone is connected and involved, positive school culture can flourish.

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Dorothy Esplage. “Social-Emotional Learning and Character Education Approaches to Bully Prevention and Intervention.” Bullying State Conference presentation.