Pulse (Shout Outs & Wins)

Pulse is a fun and easy way for students to regularly give Shout Outs and Wins (praise and self-praise) to one another. Pulse Shout Outs and Wins can be given from any web-enabled device or through Bridg-it’s Android and iPhone Apps.

Bridg-it's Pulse feature makes Tier 1 PBIS student driven to accelerate the formation of a more harmonious school culture.

Giving a Shout Out takes as little as a few seconds, immediately creating new connections and re-affirming old ones.

  • Increase and spread kindness and gratitude in your school community
  • Have your students practice positive digital communication
  • Foster healthy student relationships (friendships)

Continuous recognition is a powerful driver of student engagement and success

Bridg-it Shout Outs make positive student recognition: Easy, Repeatable, Fun and Measurable

Bridg-it Wins promote positive self-reflection and confidence.

Sample Shout-Outs (Praising Others)

Bridg-it Shout Outs take out under 10 seconds making positive recognition easy, constant and measurable.

Sample Wins (Self Praise)

Designed to allow students to build strong confident self images. Bridg-it Wins take just seconds to create.

Bridg-it - Unleashing the Power of Positive Psychology in schools

Icons make recognizing the “whole student” easy, memorable and measurable.

Bridg-it’s student users created additional icons to communicate Gratitude, Well Wishes, Empathy, Sympathy and Remorse.

Students create their own, private digital diaries of positive social engagement with their peers