24/7 safety net for students who are suffering, providing hope and saving lives.

  • Thousands of curated resources provide meaningful ways to connect and meet social and emotional needs
  • Content is meta tagged with up to 20 specific identifiers allowing algorithms to create artificial intelligence
  • Curated library of engaging restorative resources and activities
  • Bridgit’s smart library uses push algorithms to zero in on and recommend applicable restorative solutions to student social and emotional problems
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Smart Resource Center

Bridgit's Resource Center provides a variety of fun and interesting proprietary and curated activities to foster engagement

Supporting restorative resolutions

The Bridgit School Resource Center contains hundreds of expert-curated resources promoting restorative approaches that positively impact student behavior and address and script the most challenging conversations to have with students, such as

Teacher Brings HISTORY to LIFE for a Lesson About Diversity | Field Tripped
Media’s Representation of Beauty Reflection
Gender Identity
Hey Doc, Some Boys Are Born Girls: Decker Moss
news articles
Balancing Islam and Middle School in Queens
Love Has No Labels - Behind the Scenes
National Origin
lesson plan
Learning about Nationality Activity
Slumdog Millionaire

Created with students and teachers, for students and teachers

Hundreds of Social and Emotional Lesson Plans & Restorative Activities translated into Spanish

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