Story of Student Suicide Prevention

One Saturday a sixth grade student used the Bridg-it app to report a friend was threatening to commit suicide. The school leadership team received the Bridg-it report and immediately executed a coordinated response, contacted the parents who confirmed the student was in immediate danger. School officials and parents intervened to prevent what could have been a tragic result and arranged for the student to receive professional help.  Bridg-it provided a confidential, safe, documented channel of communication to the Upstander friend through which to help his friend.

Story of Student standing up to a teacher bullying her and others in her class because of their religion

In another of our schools, an eigth grade honor role students was being bullied because of her religioin, she was muslim and wore a Hijab. The bully in this case was not another student, but rather, a teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. The student was visibly upset by the encounter, but told no one at school. When she went home she immediately told her mother what had transpired in school that day. The mother at first told her daughter that she should not challenge a teacher, but then, her brother spoke up an confirmed that this particular teacher was openly biased against muslims. The mother and the daughter then logged into the daughter's Bridg-it account and together filed a Bridg-it report based on religious bias.

Who Snitched? Story

In one of our middle schools who use Bridg-it, a dean tells the story of a student, Ryan who had gotten in trouble for bullying another student, but Ryan did not know who had reported him for bullying. So when Ryan went up to the eigth grade dean and asks who had "snitched" on him? She smiled and said, Bridg-it. This interaction demonstrates the collective power of Bridg-it, immediately changing the focus away from blaming the upstander or victim for snitching and to that of focussing on what the bully did and understanding why what they did was wrong.

Story of a parent notifying the school

In one our schools, a young lady had gotten into a fight at school with another young lady at the end of the school day. The girl who was the victim, went home and told her mother what had happened and that she was too afraid to go back to school. The parent immediately filed a Bridg-it Report. The management team at the school, received the report, assured the mother that they would intervene as the perpetrator came into the building, and also assured the victim and the victim's mother that they would make sure her daughter was safe and that the mother would not have to take a day off from work and go to the school and deal with the problem.