User Testimonials

Bridgit has developed the most innovative model in the world, it allows a child to access help through the Internet in a safe way, it allows administrators and other support team individuals to act immediately in support of that child’s concerns”

- Robert J. De Sena
English teacher and founder of the Council for Unity

“At HUM II, Bridgit has been a wonderful resources. The reports give the moderators an ear to the ground about what is happening behind the scenes at school. In turn, we are able to help problem solve thoroughly and strategically to the benefit of our scholars.”

- Christine Mejia

School Counselor at New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities II

“I’m not really good at talking to people, but Bridgit was one of the ways I could really truly show them what was going on.”

- Christian


“Having Bridgit has made tackling the issue of bullying something that everyone can tackle at the same time. I’ve received reports from students and teachers alerting us to issues that may have gone unreported otherwise. It makes it simple, easy and actually kind of cool to help prevent bullying at our school”

- Varrel Eddie

Dean of Students at New Visions High School for the Humanities II

“Programs that are grounded in research with high-quality implementation support, such as Bridgit, will help create healthier learning environments for students and deliver a long-term impact for positive change.”

- Dorothy L. Espelage

Ph.D. Professor at Child Development Division

“Bridgit is a game changer. We’re going to save lives.”

Dominick D’Angelo

Principal at a Bridgit School