Set Up, Implementation, Launch & Continuing Support

Upload Users: Student and Staff

  • Easy-to-use formatted user data upload templates provided (csv)
  • Upload and activate thousands of user in just a few minutes

Train & Launch: School Leaders and Staff

  • In person or remote training webinars given daily (30 minutes)
  • Easy-to-use teacher training presentations provided
  • Easy-to-use guides and manuals provided
  • Zoom webexs to solve problems quickly

Train & Launch: Students

  • Student In-Class Launch Lesson – (15 minutes)

Implement with

Clever automatically updates your student roster

  • Clever Integration
  • A single sign on tool
  • Clever automatically updates changes in your student roster
  • Clever Integration – Student and Staff rosters
  • Automatically add new students to Bridg-it
  • Automatically delete students from Bridg-it who have left or matriculated