Proven Results

  • Protecting schools with and through the eyes of the students.
  • Countering the current state of social media disruption.
  • Measurable impact on school performance. Year-over-year social and academic improvement.
  • Measuring school climate and cutural improvement.


"A couple months ago my dad had passed away, so I was home, and I was so sad. But when I came to school, people found out and they started sending Shout Outs to me, that made me feel happy about it. They made me feel better than I’m not alone."

“Some people don’t have the courage to muster up that strength and tell the people that are making them feel down that they exist, that they are doing something. And Bridgit gives that ability.”

"When those children see the Shout Out, and they know someone is thinking about them, it makes a difference in their life. And sometimes I can’t tell what the kids like more, getting a Shout Out or giving a Shout Out, because they come to me constantly and tell me they love the feeling of giving a Shout Out. They love the feeling it gives them knowing that they’re letting somebody know that there is someone thinking about them.”

“I remember in 3rd grade I would get bullied so much, about my weight, about everything. When I told a teacher, it didn’t really do anything. It just kept on going and going. But then with Bridgit, when you’re able to report them without even seeing, the Dean, the Principal, they’ll be right on the case, and they will know what’s happening.”

“A 6th grade girl made a report on Bridgit...She filed a report about her friend possibly committing suicide....So, I quickly went into our files as far as getting that student’s parents on the phone, and having a conversation, and providing help and support. The father of this student didn’t have any idea what was going on with his daughter. Bridgit has become a lifesaver for many students.”

“As the kids come in and they’re sending Shout Outs, what I do love to see right away is their reaction when they receive a Shout Out, because they go to their Score Card and they can see what was sent to them as well as what was sent out, and you can see on their faces immediately that when they get a Shout Out they’re like ‘hey, oh my god, thanks for sending that.’ And they’re laughing at the little gifs and it gives them a smile to brighten their day”

“There is a girl named Jenna in my advertising class, and I saw she was a little bit down, so I sent her a Shout Out that was for ‘Just Because’, and it was like a Minions one. She turned to me, and then she had a smile on her face. It made me feel like I helped somebody out.”

“In my old school, we had a lot of fights, and when the bullies bullied people, we couldn’t actually tell the teachers, and if we would’ve told the bullies would’ve been more harsh. I have two older siblings that told me about Bridgit, and since I heard about that, I can finally tell teachers without the bullies knowing.”

“The feedback that I’ve received was that it’s a safe space for them to go and report bullying, to get to know other kids at the school on a personal level, to give Shout Outs. Every day the principal sends out a message. The kids go on, they see that message. It’s a specific message for that day, whether it’s Shout Out Monday, whether it’s Friendship Tuesday, the kids will see that message and know the principal is using the program, and that’s where the buy-in comes.”

"When I send Shout Outs to people it makes me really happy because I know I took the time to make someone else feel happy when they’re feeling upset or down, and when someone sends me a Shout Out it makes me really happy because I know they’re thinking of me. People say that people bully others because they don’t feel good about themselves. If you put in the time to send a Shout Out and make someone feel good, then they’ll have like a boost of confidence in themselves. So, it makes me happy."

"One day we got a Bridgit report from a Muslim student who made the report actually against one of her teachers, and she was accusing the teacher of verbal abuse...One of the things we asked her is if she would have made that report if she didn’t have Bridgit, and she said absolutely not, that it was not in her culture and it was not a part of her to walk into an office and tell an adult something that another adult had done wrong."

“…He hit the send button, and four seconds later I got a notification on my phone, and I showed him. I was like ‘hey, I just got your report.’ So that was just a real life example in real time of how the kids can quickly reach out to someone.”

“In my old school we didn’t have Bridgit, and there was definitely a few problems in the school, so I feel like it was a good transition to come from a school that didn’t have Bridgit to this school that has Bridgit, and it helps a lot. I’ve definitely had days where I wasn’t feeling the best, and we would go into class and go onto Bridgit, and my friends would send me a funny gif and it would definitely make me feel a little bit better.”

“Little by little, if I give myself more Wins…I would maybe appreciate myself a little more, and gain a little more confidence. I don’t know why, but people ignore that they should give themselves a Win, or if they feel like ‘oh, I did this today, I shouldn’t deserve a Win.’ Some people look down on themselves a lot. I really think that people should give themselves Wins and appreciate themselves more.”

“The Report goes to about 10 different people; it gets investigated immediately. The kids know they can send a Report from home, from the app, in school, any time they need to get on the computer they can send the Report. Once its delivered, I’ve seen the assistant principal call the students in minutes after the Report is done….We don’t usually get repeat offenses because the kids know that there are people here who care.”