What Parents Receive

  • Culture of Safety for their children
  • Safe channels of communication for behavioral problems
  • Habits of accountability
  • A Resource Center to provide social and emotional learning
  • Peace of mind when their children are at school

Bridgit is a comprehensive online safety and wellness solution that facilitates early reporting and communication of issues before conflicts escalate and offers the entire community, a full suite of engaging, restorative resources and activities. Bridgit helps identify, track and resolve student behavioral problems.

What Parents Want

  • For their children to be and feel safe (bully free)
  • For their children to learn and graduate
  • For their children to grow socially and emotionally
  • For their children to be positive and happy

Prevention & Intervention

  • Creates constant awareness through push communication to parents and students
  • Provide social and emotional learning opportunities to parents, teachers and students
  • When incidents occur, have planned/scripted repsonses based on type and severity of problem encountered
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