What Principals Need

  • A secure, integrated social media system to help students make their school safe and their culture positive.
  • Better communication, more awareness, and a safer community. There is now a safe and clear protocol for helping those in need.
  • A way to keep track of reports and identify trends. Ensure compliance and confidentiality at the local and state level in a matter of minutes.
  • A “closed” social safety network to better connect and more easily align parents, students, and teachers with respect to issues of student safety and social/emotional learning.
  • Real-time mapping of local and national restorative resources pertinent to the resolution of an incident.
  • Protection of the reputation and brand/identity of a school.
  • An integrated system of measurement and resolution; the ability to measure and monitor a school’s climate 24/7.
  • A solution to your school’s bullying and cyberbullying problems, quickly and easily.
We provide school communities (or any community) with the tools to immediately identify, analyze and apply restorative resources to student behavioral issues and problems.

Bridgit's data driven platform acts as an early warning system if any of the above are not being achieved due to physical, social and/or emotional threats.

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