Bridgit's platform does the forecasting for you.

All you have to do is have your community members input engagements and restorative follow-ups. Bridgit takes care of the rest – weighting, tracking, recommendations, summations, and visualizations.

What Superintendents Receive

  • District leadership and commitment is essential to successfully implement district-wide social and emotional learning practices. Bridgit's tools are designed to uniquely track social and emotional learning at a district level.
  • District level analytics allow Superintendents to compare individual schools based on frequency and types of incidents. Superintendents can also evaluate groups of schools,(ie. Elementary schools, Middle Schools and High Schools).
  • Superintendents for the first time can identify outliers across their entire district. With the tools provided by Bridgit, Superintendents can clearly define problems and boundaries and set enforceable standards.
  • With new found behavioral data and analytics, Superintendents can offer a new level of student safety.

Bridgit has created the most comprehensive and sustainable turnkey bullying and harassment safety solution ever conceived. Bridgit aligns the interests of parents, students and educators. Bridgit School should be a part of any schools school safety plan. Bridgit can be implemented in any community, as soon as tomorrow.

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What Superintendents Want

  • Student Safety
  • Academic Success
  • Maximum attendance
  • Minimum tragedies and crime in their district (minimum risk)

Bridgit's data driven platform acts as an early warning system if any of the above are not being achieved due to physical, social or emotional threats.

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